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ARC Review: PostApoc by Liz Worth


Expected publication: October 15th 2013 by Now or Never Publishing Company

Summary: Sole survivor of a suicide pact, Ang has fallen into an underground music scene obsessed with the idea of the end of the world. But when the end finally does come, Ang and her friends don’t find the liberation they expected. Instead, those still alive are starving, strung out and struggling to survive in a world that no longer makes sense. As Ang navigates the world’s final days, her emotional and physical instability mix with growing uncertainty and she begins to distrust her perception in a place where nothing can ever be trusted for what it seems to be. Bleak and haunting, “PostApoc” blends poetry and punk rock, surrealism and stark imagery to tell the story of a girl wavering at the edge of her sanity.


My copy was an ARC I received from the publisher for an honest review.



Outside, the dogs have all gone wild. Can you hear them? Can you feel them down there, voices shaking through loose skin?

First thing first – the cover is beautiful. The title is perfect. One word and so many meanings..

But that’s not all. The most wonderful thing about this book is the writing. I’ve never read such beautiful, lyrical prose. I kept coming back to many paragraphs, just to contemplate their poetic brillance.

I won’t write about the plot, it’s all in the blurb provided by the publisher. And it’s not about the plot at all.

It’s about the music (that’s why I especially loved PostApoc), it’s about the postapocaliptic world and its twisted beauty.

Be careful what you wish for.

Rating: 4/5
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Snap by Allen Renfro


Published April 1st 2012 by ARMSlength on Smashwords

Summary: Churches are burning. People are being slaughtered. The country is petrified by a rogue criminal known as Killer Ghost who posts videos online of his brutal crimes. Danny, a desperate young hustler, is rescued and befriended by a stranger. Happiness is short lived when Danny realizes the stranger who is tormented by horrific events in his past could be Killer Ghost.


I think my all 5 stars I gaveĀ  this book on Goodreads are speaking for themselves.
Snap is beautifully written, captivating and a heartwrenching work of art. There’s no romance and I honestly think I wouldn’t like it if there was something lovey-dovey.
Highly recommended!

Rating: 5/5
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