ARC Review: The Trigger by L.J. Sellers

11 Sep


Expected publication: January 1st 2014 by Spellbinder Press

Summary: Agent Jamie Dallas loves undercover assignments that get her out of the Phoenix Bureau. But when a woman and her baby disappear from an isolated community of preppers in Northern California, she knows the risk of infiltrating the armed group is dangerously high.

Once inside the compound, she discovers that the brothers who founded Destiny are scheming something far more devious than kidnapping or murder. Meanwhile, her local FBI contact, Agent McCullen, is pulled from her team and assigned to investigate the murder of a woman with phony ID, found at the bottom of a motel pool.

Soon Dallas finds herself in deeper trouble than she’s ever encountered—with no way to reach her contacts. Can she break free of bunker and stop their bizarre end-of-world plans? Will Agent McCullen identify the killer in time to help?

The Trigger is a gripping story that highlights our greatest fear—how a megalomaniac and a hacker-for-hire can threaten civilization as we know it.


My copy was an ARC I received from the publisher for an honest review.

It was my first book written by L.J.Sellers, so I can’t quite compare it with her other works.

The Trigger is a fast paced, good written thriller with a female protagonist. The main character, Dallas, is an FBI agent sent on an undercover mission to a rural town in California. She suffers from childhood trauma and she is in a permanent contact with her shrink due to the abadonment issues. She lies, cheats, acts, flirting is in her DNA, as natural as breathing. She’s straighforward and avoids serious relationships.
The autor also provides a nice background for the other characters.
The plot is good, even if a little predictable.

I’m sure that The Trigger will be a very interesting read for long winter evenings for the readers who love good thrillers.

Rating: 3/5
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